Art only thrives when it is compounded by the differing perspectives and viewpoints of the collaborators around you.

Here are a few Artists and Collaborators that influence Alicia Herder’s personal artistic achievements and are worthy of note:

Terra Keck is a printmaking and performance artist that examines intersections of violence, gender, and inter-generational memory in her art. She is interested in how we can relive the mistakes and violence of our mothers and grandmothers, and how oppression and pain changes skins overtime.




Mallory Porter is a creative director, writer, and digital media producer in Phoenix, AZ. Years in the digital marketing industry, from website management to animated videos to podcasts, allows her to shape your media + marketing venture and make a space for your online brand.

Creative Director


Shay Alexi is a radically tender poet and performance artist based out of Atlanta, GA. Her work explores the intersections of girlhood, mental health, sexuality, and self love in an effort to dismantle the patriarchy and cultivate joy.



What does a Production Designer actually do? How can you become a Showrunner’s Assistant? And what in the world is a Key Grip? Giving Credits is an interview podcast that talks to below-the-line positions in the film industry about what each job position does, what an average day on set for them is like, and what are the peaks and pits of their job title.

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Kelly Urban is a Cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA. Her style straddles the line between feminine dreaminess and gritty reality to create captivating visuals for the films she works on. She is a down-and-dirty collaborator: eager to bring stories to life and be a trailblazer for future female Cinematographers.